Тонер B&W (Black&White) HST-021-1500 для картриджей C8543X,CF325X (фл. 1500г) B&W Standart фас. Россия

1265 ₽
  • Производитель: B&W (Black&White)
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Тонер для картриджей C8543X,CF325X (фл. 1500г) B&W Standart фас. Россия

Snumpy as i understood from the question, since so far as i know bw and b&w are only ever used in the sense of monochrome (i. I was simply making the point that bw cant be interpreted as shorthand for black or white in any context i know of. Black-and-white (bw or b&w) images combine black and white in a continuous spectrum, producing a range of shades of gray. The history of various visual media began with black and white, and as technology improved, altered to color. However, there are exceptions to this rule, including black-and-white fine art. Black & white commonly known as b&w, is a pakistani premium men couture brand which design, manufactures, distributes & retail. 0929689221 black & white engineering is a privately owned consultancy offering award-winning mechanical, electrical and public health design and consultancy services to the construction industry worldwide

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