Автомагнитола ACV AD-7200

8478 ₽
  • Производитель: ACV
  • Модель: AD-7200


Описание и характеристики

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7200 6 string stud mount hybrid tremolo studmount tremolos (6) string. Drop in for all kahler upgrades (hybrid x-trem) (2 in 1) tremolo can be locked into a fixed bridge top routing only, no rear routing top spring tension adjuster cam and ball bearing drive right and left. Stock replacement parts and options listed on these pages below will fit the 7200 hybrid tremolos only. Fyi clearly stamped hybrid, and the mounting plate (shown at lower right) has 2 hooks along the side, its a 7200 model. For sale a used kahler 7200 stud mount hybrid tremolo bridge in chrome with brass roller saddles. This floating trem can also be locked to function as a fixed bridge. I had it installed on a gibson les paul, but it also fits all other guitars with a st

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