Фильтр масляный MANN-FILTER W 713/29

920 ₽
  • Производитель: MANN-FILTER
  • Модель: W 713/29


Описание и характеристики

Фильтр масляный MANN W 713/29 MANN W 713/29

Mjk 713 flow converter measures water levels behind an overflow or in a prefabricated flume. This water level can be converted using iso1438 standardized formulas. In this way, flow and total volume are calculated with very high precision and therefore, mjk 713 can be used for settlement. Mjk automation as declare that the product complies to the values stipulated in en 50081-1 and en 50082-1. Table of contents page flow converter 713 3 technical section 3 rectangular sharp edged weir 3 triangular weir 4 parshall flumes 5 palmer & bowlus flumes 6 venturi flumes 7 mounting of sensor 8 the mjk 713 open channel flowmeter use either an ultrasonic transmitter or a hydrostatic pressure transmitter. The mjk 713 open channel flowmeter measures the flow rate of water or wastewater in all types of open weirs and flumes and provides a display of both current flow rate and totalized flow. The mjk open channel flow converter 713 is designed for measuring and calculating water flow in open ducts and channels. The flow converter 713 is a complete instrument for the measuring of instantaneous flow and recording of totalised water flow

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