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Sons of anarchy motorcycle club redwood original, or as it is better known, samcro (often spelled sam crow), is the mother charter of the sons of anarchy motorcycle club on the fx original series sons of anarchy. Located in charming, california, the club was founded in 1967 by john teller, piney winston, clay morrow, and other members of the first 9. Samcro hoodie splitting lanes and revving that big-twin gets you attention, but watch people get out of your way with a sons of anarchy grim reaper insignia on your back. Samcro аббревиатура материнского чаптера sons of anarchy (sons of anarchy motorcycle club redwood original) в чарминге (сша) 2. Sambel аббревиатура чаптера в белфасте (северная ирландия). Samcro members commit plenty of murders and viewers might be wondering how many lives the charming sons have taken throughout the series run. Well, murders committed by full members add up to 151. Those committed by prospects or affiliate members are 15 while the excommunicated kills are 6 in total

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