Printio Портативная колонка Ковбой бибоп (see you space cowboy)

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  • Производитель: Printio
  • Модель: Портативная колонка Ковбой бибоп (see you space cowboy)


Описание и характеристики

Портативная колонка.

) are an american hardcore punk band formed in san diego, california, united states, in 2016. It was founded by vocalist connie sgarbossa, drummer ethan sgarbossa and guitarist taylor allen. Their name is taken from a phrase shown on many of the end cards of the 1998 anime cowboy bebop webhttpradiomanga. Comsee you space cowboy (bonus track)anime cowboy bebopost cowboy bebop ost 3 blue (1998)audiocowb. Lyrics yeah, yeah, uh grammy-nominated, never won it though dont need it, but deep down i want it though bank account still on a hunnid though my bank account. At the end of a cowboy bebop episode, there is a black screen, with a subtitle that says see you space cowboy. Its the shows way of saying goodnight to the audience

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