Printio Футболка Wearcraft Premium Slim Fit Сун бак (восьмое чувство)

990 ₽
  • Производитель: Printio
  • Модель: Футболка Wearcraft Premium Slim Fit Сун бак (восьмое чувство)


Описание и характеристики

Футболка Wearcraft Premium Slim Fit — цвет: БЕЛЫЙ, пол: МУЖ. Восьмое чувство (Sense8) — американский научно-фантастический телесериал, созданный дуэтом Вачовски совместно с Дж. Майклом Стражински.

With bae doona, jamie clayton, tina desai, tuppence middleton. A group of people around the world are suddenly linked mentally, and must find a way to survive being hunted by those who see them as a threat to the worlds order. Sense8 американские сериалы напряженный сериал о восьми людях, которые с помощью телепатии могут проживать жизни друг друга. From the creators of the matrix and babylon 5 comes this tense series in which eight people can telepathically experience each others lives. Sense8 (a play on the word sensate s n s e t ) is an american science fiction drama streaming television series created by lana and lilly wachowski and j. The production companies behind sense8 included the wachowskis anarchos productions (replaced by lana and her wifes venus castina productions in the second season), straczynskis studio jms, and

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