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72 inches), double an sra3 sheet, which is 450 mm x 320 mm. This comfortably fits a single a2 poster, or 2 a3 posters, or 4 a4 leaflets or even 8 a5 leaflets on, meaning a large volume of leaflet printing can be produced at once, reducing time on press. Sra2 paper size and other dimensions in the raw series, metric and imperial. Performance an at attrtes an contons not eress state n ths seccaton ocment are ntene to e ece an o not form a art of ths seccaton ocment b. Ectrca seccatons an erformance ata contane n ths seccaton ocment are ase on ncrcts acae estashe test erformance crtera an measrement nstrctons c. He arts coere ths seccaton ocment are sect to ncrcts stanar mte arrant an terms an contons coecte. Sra1, sra2, sra3 and sra3 some sizes that are becoming more popular due to their extra width being good for newer printing machines are sra1, sra2 sra3 and sra3

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